Whence the new farmer? Pt.I

I think this is a lucky time.

  • A spreading Global Depression following close on the heals of a much touted New Global Economy.
  • People losing jobs right and left, some or many of which won't come back.
  • Recent memories of huge run ups in commodity markets, food and fuel prices.
  • Probably news in the next several months of another farm-bust like the '80's which was also preceded by big commodity price jumps then much lower demand, too much debt, etc.
  • We have a climate problem finally acknowledged by the biggest per capita fossil fuel using nation on the planet.
  • And speaking of politics a new government with at least a short term will to fund just about anyything.
  • Oh, and the re-realization that house prices don't rise 20%/year forever.

Those are all good things in the sense that "One doesn't learn anything from being successful."

On the other hand there are lots of good things going on prompted by Being successful - least in the fiscal sense. This is the Slow Food, Organic, Eat Local, Grass Fed, Farmers Marketed, CSA, No Preservatives, Free Range, Free Trade, etc, etc. movement that simply wouldn't have come about without the disposable money and "Lifestyle" options we have had of late.

Now don't get all bowed up and write me off because I just stepped on your green toes, just ask any of your favorite vendors at the farmers market how much of their income is usually received in food stamps?

The point is each of those alternate ag outlets cost the consumer more either in money or time than going to the supermarket and that is a good thing because any time you try to go up against the efficiency of big ag you are gonna need a higher return.

Combine that with "The increase [in gardening] is 40 percent greater than the figure two years before, marking a spike in food gardening not seen in 30 years,"
Jarden Corp. says sales of its Ball and Kerr canning and preserving products are up more than 30% from 2008.


So where will all these new farmers come from?
Washington --Santa Clara -- Sacramento -- Wall Street :^) --

Because first you gotta know how to grow stuff...