Another Organic (dogma) Fight

I guess I must really be contrary to get into a tiff with the crew over at The Contrary Farmer blog.

That's Gene Logsdon's blog, he's a great author of books like All Flesh is Grass (that's an Amazon link btw) He went off the other day about how the government is going to ruin organic farming by providing subsidies for specific programs farmers adopt.

I'm not going to rehash the whole thing, it's as simple as government never does good vs. government can do good - sometimes, you can read what was said there if you want.

But my rant here is more about me vs. true believers of all stripes. I have a hard time fitting into groups where agreeing 99% of the time is as bad as being a complete heretic. Of course all groups feel that way:

"What, you say you agree with most of the concepts of permaculture?!"
"You think organic is best yet also believe the government should encourage it just like they do the big guys?"
"You think oil will get harder to find and extract but we won't even notice?"

"You think oil will get harder to find and extract and we will all die?"

You don't BELIVE 100% the party line regarding GMOs (AGW, Y2.012k, vaccines)?
You don't BELIVE 100% in seed balls (caveman diet, high colonics, colloidal silver, Ben Bernanke)?

I guess that's the reason I'm tapping here, I'm the only group I agree with most of the time - not always, but mostly.


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