Greenhouse Improvements

I'm having a hard time keeping up with my blogifying but here is some of what Susan and I have been doing in the greenhouse.

I am slowly getting the seed cabinet where I want, here is the new shelf and grow lights.

Right now we have some 72 cell flats on the shelf for germinating larger seeds like peas and what have you that are too big for the 3/4" soil blocks. The shelf is going to work out good when we get to the stage we are really starting a lot of seeds in soil blocks, 3-5 days on the mat till everything germinates then move that group up on the shelf for another week under the bright lights to get some true leaves going while another group goes directly on the heat mat to germinate.

You could start a crazy amount of seedlings in a little box like this - +/- 1800 a week every week!

 Here are what we have out in the sun, those are all 72 cell "plug" flats; everything from tomatoes to beans - 850 plants would have been 300 or so more if I hadn't accidentally left the heating mat in the seed cabinet unplugged on a 14* night – Doh!

BTW, I made the benches and parts of the seed cabinet from an old deck I tore down and the slats are the recycled lath from plaster we took down in the house.