Don't Be Dependent!

This is just a general rant,

Don't be so naive as to think a little bad luck can't put a cramp in your style.

Sometime after Katrina showed the world that even the good old US isn't omnipotent, a website went up called 

There, the Department of Homeland Security (a title that gives me the willies but that's another story) urges everyone to do the unthinkable, namely, take a little responsibility for themselves.

Now, this isn't a call to "bunker up" just a reminder that sometimes bad things happen and you might need to take care of yourself for a while till things get back to normal.

He [the Lawton, OK mayor] couldn't emphasize enough that residents need not worry about their water being turned off. However, there is a possibility that some could run out of water sooner than others. 

A couple of jugs like this filled with tap water and a few drops of bleach could make life lots easier, we have used them or loaned them several times. You can use big soda pop bottles too but be careful of milk jugs because some will degrade and leak.

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