More on living on the edge of the rich world

It really is amazing how rich we are, we replace possessions from simple boredom. Out in the country old timers are pretty frugal but (along with dairies) your exurbanite neighbors can be a goldmine - and I mean that in a nice way!

One neighbor bought an old farm like ours and with his town jobs is slowly fixing the place up. Along the way I've brought home such castoffs as dozens of sheets of corrugated metal (in various stages of decomposition) more than enough to build a dozen calf hutches and a loafing shed and there is still enough for a new hen house.

He had the 20(?) year old windows replaced on the farmhouse and I snagged those and the storms too. The storm windows made the new wall on the greenhouse and the window sash are in storage waiting to be installed in the sunroom on our farmhouse (when I get it built). Bt the way I'll post up pics of the newly refurbished greenhouse soon.

I've hauled home a mostly working cook stove, sink and water heater for our summer kitchen. Salvaged half rusted tractor implements from fencerows and barn-corners; a brush hog, disk, carry-all, 3 pt. scoop, piles of pallets, all sorts of scrap lumber and even a wooden, belt driven winnower and a kerosene heated incubator.


Use it up, wear it out.
Make do or do without!


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