Farming on the edge of industrial Ag.

We are in a fairly rural area and since I'm such a scrounge I've discovered a few things a person can put to use by getting to know the local "big guy." Dairies in particular use lots of inputs to keep those girls producing and have lots of "stuff".

There are strict rules regarding the safety of milk and of course there are lots of chemicals involved in keeping things clean. Teat dip is a disinfectant and sometimes comes in 55gal plastic barrels. This contains sodium chlorite at a low concentration but I'd not use the barrels for anything food-wise. BUT fill 'em with water and they are great as thermal storage in the green house!

Many dairies feed silage (chopped fermented corn and stalks) and they use a very heavy grade of plastic to cover and seal the pile, sometimes even reinforced like ripstop nylon. If you make a habit of dropping by regularly, you can probably haul off more white/black 6-8 mil plastic than you can use - and they don't fill their dumpster.

Net wrap is another item in the waste-stream you can intercept. Ask the farmer to toss his old net wrap in a pile or a barrel you provide and it'll save him having it hauled off. You can use it to tie melons off the ground, drape it over a heavy wire strung between posts as a trellis for peas and beans to climb or as a barrier to keep birds from fruit trees. 


I'm going to focus more on what we are doing in coming posts, next time some more recycling...


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